Every minute, 2 more children are prepared for sexual exploitation.  You can do something, right now, right where you are to set children free from this horrific injustice.

Save a child from sex trafficking with a donation. 

Use your cash to set children free. 

Loose Change for Change:

Change a child’s life one penny at a time.
Gather up all your loose change and watch your pennies and dimes positively change the life of a child.  One recent sponsor gathered over $60 in loose change and changed children’s lives!

Host an Awareness Event:  At your church, place of business or home.

Certified Trainer Program:
For those who want to get more informed on the issue and more involved in a solution

The certified trainer program is a formal process whereby the organization develops leaders who will go into their communities with our training and be a force for good and a catalyst for transformation. For more information, contact us through our Contact Page.

Contact Us at info@compassion2one.org for more information on how you can help too!