Our Work

Compassion in Action: Our Work

To equip and mobilize individuals toward taking a stand for freedom while aiding in the prevention of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking locally, nationally and internationally.

Compassion2One works to rescue children locally, nationally and internationally from sexual exploitation, to provide rescued victims a life of safety and joy, to increase awareness of the issue to the general public, to enable individuals to take a stand against DMST, to reduce the demand for sex trafficking through outreach to men, and to enable legislators to be able to make changes to policy. Our vision will be accomplished by raising awareness and conducting trainings to individuals through educational and healthcare systems, business and faith-based/non-profit communities, political entities, entertainment industries, as well as individual families. Compassion2One will also offer connections to direct services to victims and promote recovery programs for traffickers and buyers.

Compassion2One will offer regular training opportunities as a way to build awareness and education the general public and those looking to take a stand against DMST. This is also the first step for volunteers interesting in completing the Certified Trainer program. General trainings will be held 1-2 times per month in partnership with a like-minded organization. These will provide a wider range of volunteer opportunities and cover a wider demographic. In addition, location-based trainings for personal awareness and safety will be provided at malls, movie theaters, and other locations targeted by recruiters looking to victimize girls. Compassion2One will also continue to offer trainings for specific groups such as law enforcement, first responders, and social service providers. Compassion2One will also offer domestic and international training service outreach projects in our short and long-term goals.

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