7 Arrested, 6 Girls Freed in Prostitution Crackdown
Kiro TV-- June 25th, 2012
SEATTLE-- The FBI and local police have made seven arrests and freed six young girls involved in prostitution in King and Pierce counties, authorities said Monday...

King Co. Council Looking to Stem the Tide of Human Trafficking

Komo 4 News--May 29th, 2012
SEATTLE-Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal industries in the world, and it's becoming a very serious issue in King County. Members of King County Council are now launching a public awareness campaign aimed at stamping out the horrific crime... READ MORE

Phil Martin
SooththeSkies-- February 6th, 2012
Interview with Phil Martin on compassion2one.  READ MORE

Seattle Leads Nation as Worst Place for Child Prostitution

King 5 News—January 24th, 2012
“Human trafficking ranks second behind drug trafficking as the most lucrative illegal trade in the world. According to the U.S. State Department, about 2.5 million trafficked individuals generate some $32 billion in profits each year. And it's not just overseas - human trafficking is happening right here in Western Washington…” READ MORE

'It makes me sick': Children Sold for Sex on Seattle Streets
Komo 4-- Octorber 31st, 2011
"SEATTLE - He makes promises he doesn't keep - and what he takes destroys lives and tears families apart. 
He's the guy out there right now on the streets of Seattle selling sex with underaged girls - children.
Now, a teenager who escaped from his clutches describes her terrifying ordeal - in her own words - in a letter she wrote and shared with KOMO News..." READ MORE

Issaquah Sammamish... and Beyond! -- February 23, 2011
"After their third of three children graduated from Skyline High School, Steve and Julie Gutzler found themselves wondering, “How should we live the second half of our lives? What will our legacy be?”
It’s not as though they had gaping holes in their schedules. Steve runs a successful leadership development company that caters to business executives, community leaders, and athletes, and also serves as the pastor at Meadow Creek Church, while Julie brings to the partnership invaluable organizational support. Yet they still felt called to do more..." READ MORE

Underage Sex Trade Still Flourishing Online
CNN-- February 5th, 2011
"Las Vegas, Nevada (CNN) -- Her ankles and wrists are shackled. She's wearing used sweats in the bright colors of the jailhouse, orange, blue and yellow. She shuffles to the courtroom to face the judge, her mother, and an uncertain future.
Selena is a 13-year-old who was sold for sex..." READ MORE

Malls are Major Child Prostitution Recruiting Grounds
King 5-- December 10, 2010
"SEATTLE -- Two decades ago it was the drug war.
Now, Steve Gutzler thinks child prostitution is the new major risk facing young people nationwide -- especially in the Seattle area.
Gutzler is president and founder of ComPassion2One, a group that works to rescue children from sex trafficking. Malls and other public places that attract children are major recruiting grounds for child prostitution, he said. Food courts and back hallways near restrooms are especially popular places for grooming to start..." READ MORE