This Campaign will be officially launched soon! For now, read up on what is to come: 

Compassion2One “Protect-Her” Movement

Compassion2One is in the process of developing a campaign that is focused directly on ending demand for DMST. This campaign is directed primarily at the male demographic and will require that men who choose to be a part of the “Protect-Her” group will make a pledge covering several areas of lifestyle choices centered on demand reduction. Men are the main source of the demand for sex trade; therefore, it must be men that end demand.

Who can become part of the “Protect-Her” Movement?
The campaign is directed towards males of any age, demographic, or geographic location. These are men who see the negative consequences of the commercial sex industry and want to stand up and make a difference.

What does it mean to pledge to be a member of the “Protect-Her” Movement?
Pledging is the man’s demonstration of his vow of honor that he will no longer participate in demand-increasing activities, that he will begin to talk about the realities of the commercial sex industry, and that he will donate time and/or money to organizations that work to end DMST.

How does someone pledge to be a member of the “Protect-Her” Movement?
A man pledges by going online to the website, navigating to the tab “Protect-Her,” registering and paying the $10 fee*. He may also opt to donate to Compassion2One on a monthly basis at this time. When he registers, he must click a box that signifies his promise to uphold the values of the “Protect-Her” Movement. He may also register by signing up at an awareness event or training or by talking directly with a Compassion2One staff member. *This option is not yet available. The Director of Communications is currently working on setting up this system.

? What are the Values of the “Protect-Her” Movement?
The values are simple, yet highly significant. Men who are part of the “Protect-Her” Movement recognize the realities of the commercial sex industry as extremely negative and harmful. They pledge to:

  • Not purchase or participate in pornography, prostitution, or any other form of the commercial sex industry.
  • Hold their peers accountable for the positive treatment of women and girls.
  • To speak up when someone is mistreating a woman through action, words, or other forms.
  • To take action immediately to protect those they love and those around them from this harmful industry.
Why would someone want to become a part of the “Protect-Her” Movement?
Men need to recognize that the primary source of demand for the commercial sex industry is men. When men take accountability for this fact and understand the effects that seemingly harmless acts (such as purchasing pornography) can have on a larger scale, they realize that they are the ultimate answer to ending DMST.

What are the benefits to joining the “Protect-Her” Movement?
By joining, men will be given the official “Protect-Her” membership card. They will also be sent information packets that will provide them with detailed information and statistics on the commercial sex trade industry. In addition they will be provided with a discount code that will allow them to learn more about the sex trade through the Compassion2One online store or online university.** They will be added to the newsletter emailing list that will provide them with information about upcoming events, trainings, and other ways to get involved in ending DMST. Ultimately, they will know that they are part of a bigger
 movement that will work to stop the sexual abuse and imprisonment of women and children and bring more equality and fair treatment locally, nationally and internationally.
**These two services are not functional yet. The Director of Communications is working with the National Director to finalize materials, plans, and systems to maintain these at a fully operational level.